Bellingen Shire Council upgrades facility

MOTHER LOADED: New weighbridge at Raleigh Waste Centre
MOTHER LOADED: New weighbridge at Raleigh Waste Centre

As part of continued improvements to waste services, Bellingen Shire Council with assistance from the Environmental Trust (NSW EPA's 'Waste Less Recycle More') has upgraded the Raleigh Waste Management Centre.

These upgrades include a new weighbridge with improved accuracy of charges, upgraded roads and improved traffic flow with an emphasis on safety.

With the opening of the weighbridge, access to the site will change to direct traffic flow over the bridge. Signs regarding changed road conditions will be in place and residents are asked to drive slower than usual to ensure the safety of all.

All traffic in and out of the Raleigh Waste Management Centre will pass over the weighbridge with payments including cash and EFTPOS made directly to the operator via a new computer system. This system accurately records and calculates relevant fees and charges based upon the weight and type of waste.

The weighbridge is expected to be fully operational from March 18 and we ask for your patience as both staff and the community become familiar with the changes.

A copy of the updated Waste Fees and Charges 2020 can be found on the Bellingen Shire Council Website

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