Letter: Find out what people want and give them lots of it

Letter: Find out what people want and give them lots of it

I live next to a one hectare area of pretty much pristine bush featuring many large gums. I know there's at least one koala in there because I've heard his blood-curdling mating calls. But I think if I camped out in there for a month I'd be unlikely to catch sight of him.

They are alas few and far between and very well camouflaged.So I read with some scepticism that the creation of a Great Koala National Park will see us bathing in a flood of eco-dollars. Maybe the first year. After that the word will get out that you could visit for a lifetime and be lucky to spot a koala.

Under-promise and over-deliver is the recipe for a long-term successful business. The reverse is the stuff of conmen and fly-by-nights.

Dont get me wrong, I support the GKNP but it has to be done right.

I'd suggest five or six new koala sanctuaries between Grafton and Kempsey so that a visitor can be guaranteed the opportunity to see a koala and therefore not go home disappointed.

These would employ quite a few people and care for and rehabilitate injured animals, both koalas and other natives.I heard an advertising slogan some years ago that I adopted as a strategy in my business- 'Find out what the people want and give them lots of it'. It applies to anything, even koalas.

Geoff Richardson