Much ado about...something, in Dorrigo

Saturday morning shoppers, tourists and travellers were wide eyed and gaping in Dorrigo when a troupe of actors, performers, players and odd bods ran wild in the main street.

Officially a production by Dorrigo Dramatic Club, the 15 minute outdoor bash (jokingly!) advanced an argument that Dorrigo water could help see off Covid-19.

No one believed that, of course, but everyone was rapt in the gig.

Perhaps it was because placards assured the audience that "The Queen" (which queen?) supported the Plateau's efforts to see off our present pandemic.

And, for a while, who cared?

Stretched over 60 metres of Hickory Street, it was part theatre, part corroboree and part medieval mystery play.

The audience loved it.

It was varied, fast, racy and onlookers were left to interpret what was happening in front of them rather than understand it.

The highlight was the appearance of Lady Godiva; that's right, the naked lady on a horse.

Ms Godvia was a smash hit and worked the concept of early feminism for all it was worth. The horse was understated in the extreme and overpowered by its scantily dressed pillion.

From the rear it suggested equine medical problems rarely seen by anyone outside a veterinary clinic.

It was, as planned: a rage, way out, funny, like nothing else, and hugely appreciated by those who enjoyed it, while wondering what could possibly come next.

A quick audience poll would have produced a common response: when's the next one?

The show, Nonna Vents (get it?) was part of Bellingen Shire' Arts Week, and directed by Dina Luciani.