Bellingen Show bigger and better in 2021

Daniel Pryor with his Brahman Bull Bandit, winner of Supreme Bull in 2019
Daniel Pryor with his Brahman Bull Bandit, winner of Supreme Bull in 2019

One of the best-loved events on the local calendar - the Bellingen Show - will be back bigger and better next year.

Confident that country shows can be made COVID-19 safe, NSW Health has announced that up to 5000 people will be able to attend at a time, not counting organisers and volunteers.

Bellinger River Agricultural Society President Gillian Anderson said the committee met on Tuesday and were excited that the show would be going ahead on the weekend of May 8-9.

"We didn't have the show last year and that made us realise as a community how important it is. So let's make this the biggest and the best," she said.

She suggested that if anyone has never been involved - if they've never put in jam or volunteered for a couple of hours - this would be a great year to start.

"We'd love to see you, we'd love to have you enter something. Our pavilion is beautiful, but it does rely on our locals to put in their flowers, vegetables, jams - it won't exist without that."

Gillian has a particular fondness for the children's section.

"I believe that when children put their first exhibit in, it's their first involvement in understanding what community is about," she said.

Mongrel Dog Show

Mongrel Dog Show

As usual, a healthy quota of volunteers will be required to make the show happen, not just a couple of hundred on the day but also in the months ahead.

"We do have some gaps," Gillian said. "We're looking for people to take on three major areas: promotion, sponsorship and volunteer coordinator."

For the first time next year, there will be online ticketing and people will be encouraged to buy their entry in advance.

"They'll come through the gate quicker, we'll need less volunteers, and we'll be able to meet our COVID-safe obligations," Gillian said.

Prices will continue to be a great bargain - two days at the show for a family of four (two adults, two children) will set you back only $40.

The woodchopping is always very popular

The woodchopping is always very popular