Be part of building your community's resilience

A community forum previously held in Bellingen
A community forum previously held in Bellingen

Residents from Bellingen Shire are invited to get involved in a unique community forum to explore how the local area can build community resilience.

Bellingen Shire Council has engaged Professor Roberta Ryan and an expert team from the University of Newcastle to design and host the forum known as a deliberative panel.

Deliberative panels are an inclusive approach to informed engagement bringing together broadly representative groups of citizens to 'deliberate' on key initiatives, and provide advice and options for the way forward.

"As we face increasingly uncertain times brought about by constant economic, social and environmental change, communities are collaborating and planning to ensure they are in the best possible position to adapt and thrive," Professor Ryan said.

Professor Roberta Ryan

Professor Roberta Ryan

"The Bellingen Shire deliberative panel will focus on building community resilience by understanding the issues related to community resilience for the shire and exploring the role of council, the community and others in building capacity."

The University is currently inviting expressions of interest from the Bellingen Shire community to participate on the 20-person panel.

"The team is looking for a broad range of views and interests from across the community and panellists do not need specific knowledge or interest in the topic of community resilience to participate," Professor Ryan said.

The Bellingen Community Resilience Deliberative Panel is scheduled to be held in Bellingen over two sessions on the evening of Friday November 13 and for a whole day on Saturday November 14.

For more information and to register interest please visit where you will be asked to complete a short survey.