Letter to the editor: Winners and losers

The current COVID crisis has exposed a few cracks in our nation's armour. How vulnerable we now are.

Never before have we witnessed such chaos, political grandstanding, a divisive nation with seven rulers, all giving first priority to that vote next election.

Just in my lifetime alone, we have witnessed an era where once the majority were resilient, having lived through the Great Depression and WWII, and worked in areas of production, building things, producing stuff.

The public service was there to serve and assist rather than hinder and make life difficult, and was just a skeleton compared to the monster of today. Our own local council is a classic example.

Today we see so much of the above replaced by hospitality, dining out, overseas holiday, takeaway etc etc. Hard work and responsibility, saving for the future, replaced by play, self indulgence and consumption via the credit card. Tomorrow will care for itself. Now we are a welfare state,with a coffee economy, a nation of pussy cats, mostly all funded by exports of coal, iron ore and agriculture products, now dependent on our biggest customer Communist China.

Initially we commended the government for its response to a potential COVID disaster, but in hindsight, it was an overkill, with Job Seeker and Job Keeper. A huge cash splash which included super withdrawals. Consumers went berserk, Harvey Norman sales up 80 per cent , online gambling 100 per cent, luxury car sales up 60 per cent, Bunnings were struggling to cope.

But with a reported two million unemployed, employers can't get their staff back and farmers' crops are rotting on the ground. With all those jobless youth, it's a national disgrace. Here's a life-changing opportunity to get out there and experience the other side. Our old gravy train is running out of steam and is in need of an overhaul. Take note of the rumour from China that Australia will become the white trash of Asia.

Darcey Browning