Lighting up in Newry State Forest - smoke alert

File photo, by Christian Knight
File photo, by Christian Knight

FORESTRY Corporation of NSW will carry out hazard reduction burning in parts of Newry State Forest - today and tomorrow.

The burn will be carried out to minimise impact on nearby residents, but forest neighbours should take steps to limit their exposure to smoke, Forestry Corporation protection supervisor Tom Newby said.

"The burn will be taking place in the Ainsworths Rd area just west of the Pacific Highway, around five kilometres from Urunga, primarily to reduce fine fuel and minimise the impacts of future wildfires," Mr Newby said.

"Other forest users also need to stay away from the area while we are undertaking the operation."

Most healthy adults who experience symptoms from exposure to smoke will recover quickly and not suffer any long term consequences.

However, local residents with chronic respiratory conditions should closely monitor their symptoms and follow their asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) action plan.

While the burns are taking place residents should avoid strenuous physical activity and spend time indoors with windows and doors closed to keep smoke out.

The burn will be carried out over the planned period as weather conditions permit. Firefighting resources will be on site to ensure the safe containment of the fire.

The planned burn is also part of work to re-establish renewable hardwood timber plantations on the site.

For further information about Forestry Corporation's role in bushfire prevention and response is at

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