Bellingen Council has asked Nambucca if it can send its mixed waste south

In the latest instalment in the ongoing MWOO (mixed waste organic output ) saga, Nambucca Valley Council has received a request from Bellingen Shire Council asking if it can send its landfill mixed waste to Nambucca up until 2027 (the period remaining under the current Coffs Coast Waste Service collection and processing contract).

Bellingen Shire Council has also asked the council to consider a possible extension of the request at the conclusion of the contract.

The letter explained that based on current waste volumes, the expected capacity of the Bellingen Shire's Raleigh landfill was approximately 15 years, however should all mixed waste generated within the Bellingen Shire (currently taken to Coffs under the tripartite collection contract) be placed in the Raleigh landfill, this capacity would be reduced to only six years.

In his report to the Nambucca Valley councillors General Manager Michael Coulter also noted that a lack of landfill space and increasing pressure on the Englands Road facility in Coffs Harbour had been identified as a future problem for the ongoing agreement.

This comes as both Bellingen and Nambucca Councils continue to wait to hear from Coffs Harbour City Council as to that council's intentions for the management of remainder of the contract, which was thrown into disarray when the EPA banned the sale of MWOO in 2018.

Mr Coulter said under these circumstances there was no immediate need to make any commitment or otherwise to Bellingen Shire Council.

Accordingly he recommended the councillors vote in favour of informing Bellingen Shire Council the council was currently seeking approval for its next cell (Cell 4) at the landfill, as well as acquiring 20 hectares of adjoining land for the future extension of the landfill.

"When there is more certainty regarding the progress of these initiatives that Nambucca Valley Council will further consider their request ... by which time there should be certainty as to the intentions of Coffs Harbour City Council in managing its obligations under the tripartite waste agreement," Mr Coulter wrote.

The council meeting is this Thursday at 5.30pm at the Council Chambers in Macksville.

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