The alleged incident occurred near Cascade

Alleged assault of two men by Forestry Corp employee

The alleged assault of two men near Cascade last Thursday has been described by one of the men's solicitor, Sue Higginson, as 'very serious'.

Ms Higginson said her client and his colleague maintain the incident involving two other men took place in the company and full view of a state employee of the Forestry Corporation.

"It is understood the Forestry Corporation employee filmed the entire incident that took place on a public road in a public forestry area," Ms Higginson said.

"We are calling on the Forestry Corporation state employee to do the right thing and provide the footage of the incident to the NSW Police or directly to me or my client.

"This is the minimum expected of any member of the public who has evidence of a crime against another person, particularly an unprovoked assault against another person."

When the Guardian News contactedForestry Corporation, we were told the footage had been given to the police.

A spokesperson said that Forestry Corporation was aware of an incident which took place in Wild Cattle Creek State Forest on 25 June 2020.

"The contractor onsite reported this incident to the NSW Police," the spokesperson said.

"Forestry Corporation is engaging with the NSW Police and has provided the footage recorded to the NSW Police. We will offer any other assistance sought by the NSW Police.

"Forestry Corporation respects the rights of community members to protest and voice their views and asks community members to do this this outside of active harvesting operations which are closed worksites where workplace health and safety considerations are of the upmost importance for the safety both workers and the public."