Letters to the Editor, Bellingen Courier Sun

To everyone who is as passionate as I am about preserving our iconic, historic village of Bellingen:

I received a letter this week to advise me of the fact that Arvi has been given permission to go full steam ahead with the development of the Carl Foster site in Hyde Street, next door to the Commonwealth Bank.

I live above the bank, and have fought tooth and nail to stop the development monstrosity that he is planning to build, from going ahead. Last year, we were invited by Bellingen Council, as well as NSW Planning Tribunal to put in a written submission, giving details of our objections, such as size of development, height, totally unsuitable design, danger of contamination from tons of underground soil and petrol tank removal - just to name a few!

We were also invited to meet in person with four members of the Planning Tribunal who came up from Sydney to specifically meet with us at the Council Chambers.

In the current letter from council, we are again invited to put in a written submission, giving reasons why we object, until closing time 4.30pm July 29, 2020. Or call council on 02 6655-7352.

Now, you may mistakenly believe that it does not affect you, because you don't live in the town centre!

But you are so wrong!

Try and visualise the additional traffic, and noise, 24/7 of large trucks, utes and bulldozers excavating, taking up valuable parking space, and stopping local traffic in an already congested town centre. Accessing shops and other venues, as well as totally blocking off Halpin Lane, from local through traffic!

An absolute nightmare.

The thousands of regular visitors who come to our town every year, and spend their money, always comment on, and photograph our wonderful historic buildings. I can assure you they won't come to gawk at an ugly apartment block, smack bang in the middle of Hyde Street.

At a time when the impact of the coronavirus has hit everyone, including tourism and small business, surely what our town has to offer is so unique, why spoil it by allowing this totally unsuitable development to go ahead.

Please join me in putting in a submission to oppose this very bad decision.

Ziggy Koenigseder


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