Bellingen man's moving Last Post tribute on electric guitar

Bellingen man's moving Last Post tribute on electric guitar

ANZAC Day was of course marked in many different ways across Australia this year - and Bellingen was no exception.

"I wanted to share this video of my dad (Chris) playing The Last Post on his electric guitar on the rooftop of their Bello house," Melanie Judd told the Courier-Sun.

"I am very proud but also think it is a brilliant way to celebrate ANZAC Day at this time.

"My dad is a well loved local after working at the Bellingen hospital for 30-plus years, now retired, and enjoying spending time playing music, gardening and being a Pa."

The far-from-traditional ANZAC Day marked in isolation and in spirit has added new meaning to our most sacred day.

Private, individual and unique reflections replaced traditional ways to honour our defence personnel, past and present, for their service and sacrifice, courage and bravery.

An historic day marked under the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, was without the traditional public services, ceremonies and marches.

It was an ANZAC Day commemorated individually around Australia and New Zealand, at the end of driveways, in front yards or inside homes at dawn.

Not a normal ANZAC Day, but a moving one nonetheless.