COVID-Informer: The wise words of a nine-year-old

Willem Hartmans from Kiama has pretty much spoken on behalf of all Australians about COVID-19.
Willem Hartmans from Kiama has pretty much spoken on behalf of all Australians about COVID-19.

Sometimes it's the simple stuff that gets you right in the chest - like a letter from a nine-year-old, maybe.

He didn't mess about with people, Willem Hartmans went straight to the top - he addressed the coronavirus pandemic itself.

His editorial in the Illawarra Mercury was part lament, part' we can do this' rally cry. The sentence that resonated most was this: I feel unlucky, annoyed, frustrated and upset that our country is now in this situation.

Willem has pretty much hit the nail on the hard for a large swathe of the population, one way or another.

You would think passengers on the two Sydney to Albury flights, which have now emerged as having passengers onboard who have since tested posted to coronavirus, would feel a bit frustrated. As would the good people of Wagga who are in the same situation.

Also probably rating high on the frustration-o-meter right now would have to be doctors. How could they witness the gross acts of blatant disregard and not be frustrated.

Instead, graceful acts of public messaging has followed. The message is the same as we've heard for some time now: STAY. AT. HOME.

Three words, like all good slogans. How hard is it? Well, that's another matter - if you don't necessarily fit the nuclear family bill, it could indeed be quite troublesome - but that's for another time.

Bendigo doctors sent a stern message after more positive test results in the city. So, too, did medical staff in the Illawarra while one NSW health district's medical controller said: "This is real. Some people don't recognise it's real. Maybe younger people aren't getting as affected as much, but this is extremely serious for people with chronic diseases and also older people."

South Australia's Kangaroo Island, so keen to see mainlanders a few weeks back after rising to its knees from tragic summer fires, has taken charge of its own messaging: "If you love Kangaroo Island, don't come".

Another place the government's keen for you to avoid is Centrelink - though, sadly, for many that may be a remote hope.

The PM this afternoon revealed a $130 billion "job keeper" allowance over the next six months aimed at keeping about six million Australians in jobs.

Stick with us in the blog tonight as that and more is explained in-depth.

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