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Nearly 300 volunteers have contacted a GP clinic to help sew personal protective gowns.

GP Dr Nicole Townsend said the response has been tremendous.

"We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received, with 287 volunteers ready to sew," Dr Townsend said.

Gowns for Doctors, the brainchild of The GP Clinic, is a way of addressing their lack of protective gowns.

Putting the bins isn't usually a laugh but neighbours in Tamworth are using it as an opportunity to connect.

The pair are getting dressed up in fancy dress to put out their bins. You can watch the video here.

"We're both shift workers and know how hard it can be to be cooped up for long periods of time," Tash Dawson said.

"At the moment, we are still considered essential workers and taking our bins out is one of the few times a week we get to see each other."

Kindergarten students received a one-of-a-kind delivery when their teachers - decked out in tutus, colourful accessories and blowing bubbles - drove to every single one of their houses to drop off packs of work.

Principal Simon Mulready said the teachers of the four kindergarten classes left the school at noon and spent six hours visiting the 78 students across Belmont, Floraville and Tingira Heights in the NSW Hunter region.

He said: "The school has also provided take home packs so they are able to work on their sight words and practice sounds and phonetics. We wanted to make it a fun experience for them, because students are really missing that connection with the school."

A school is approaching home learning with a unique idea - offering a drive-through service for home readers.

Teachers at East Cessnock Public School were discussing ways they could engage with students during this time when the idea of a drive-through service was brought up.

Run by relieving assistant principal Alisha Smith, the service operates from 9.30am to 10am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Parents can pull up to the drop-off bay at the front of their school and exchange their child's books through the passenger window.

Envision a tropical resort holiday sitting by the pool and palm leaves flowing in the breeze as you overlook an expanse of blue waterfront.

From this grand property in Port Macquarie, you can enjoy a picture-perfect setting with an island feel every day of the week.

A rare 80-metre wide water frontage encompasses expansive views of the canal to the Hastings River, enjoying a display of passing watercraft, regular pods of dolphins and an array of aquatic life in their natural habitat.

Yep. We'll take it.

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