Bellingen pharmacy starts a drive-through service

Bellingen Pharmacy wants to get the message out that while they intend to remain open, they are also setting up a drive-through facility for a contact-free service.

Notices are being handed out in the store urging people to 'Please stay at home' as isolation is very important for everyone's wellbeing at this stage.

"Bellingen Pharmacy will endeavour to remain open to assist everyone with their health needs during this time," pharmacist Scott Myers said.

"Due to some infected individuals not displaying symptoms or displaying them too late, we would much prefer if people can call ahead to organise a drive-thru pharmacy experience. If staff do get infected or exposed then we may have to close due to quarantine requirements."

Medication delivery is available if needed by phoning 6655 1124 but the pharmacy requests this be used only by quarantined or invalid individuals.

The drive-through is for those who are self-isolating, and it will be operational on Friday or Monday depending on public need.

There will be two designated pick-up bays in front of the pharmacy, directly ahead of the current taxi bay.

People must remain in the vehicle if using these parking spaces..

How the drive-through will work

  • Email a photograph of your script to or message it to 0457 219 177 (calls to this mobile will not be answered)
  • Phone 6655 1124 to confirm that the script has been received
  • Park in the reserved spot at the front of the pharmacy, remain in your car and alert the pharmacy of your arrival by calling 6655 1124
  • Pay via EFT or credit card over the phone
  • Receive medications directly into your vehicle

Emergency dispensing special authority for pharmacists

The NSW government has extended the special authority for emergency supply of medicines without a prescription.

Patients will be able to receive a maximum PBS quantity or pack size until 30 September 2020 without a prescription, where the pharmacist is satisfied there is immediate need.

The medicine must have been previously prescribed and be for the continuation of current essential treatment where it is impractical to obtain a prescription.

Please ask your pharmacist if this is possible for you after attempting to get a prescription from your doctor or medical centre.