Flood Day in Bello

A deluge of rain in the upper catchments overnight and Thursday morning saw many bridges flooded in the valleys of Bellingen Shire, cutting off areas like North Bellingen, Gleniffer, Darkwood, Kalang and Brierfield.

At 4.30pm the Bellingen State Emergency Service Unit reported that bridges were slowly opening up as floodwaters receded.

However, Lavenders Bridge in Bellingen is still closed, with water levels at the moderate flood level of around 5m.

"We are not expecting water levels to rise substantially more and they should plateau and tail off," the SES said.

As North Bank Road is cut at Slarks Bridge, Hydes Creek Road is the only way in and out of North Bellingen.

"Please do not attempt to drive through at Slarks Bridge as it has deeper approaches that can cause vehicle flooding," the SES said.

If we receive more overnight rainfall, expect more flooding tomorrow.