Little Athletics Carnival breaks the drought in Tamworth

Tarra Martindale competing in the 400m
Tarra Martindale competing in the 400m

The regional Little Athletics Carnival broke the drought in Tamworth over the weekend.

Urunga Bellinger Valley club members, along with those from Ballina to Port Macquarie and out to Moree, were competing for a spot at the state competition in March to be held at Homebush in Sydney.

Eleven competitors from our club competed: U9s Zavier McLeish, Charlie Phillips, U10 Hannah McNeill, U11s Josephine Eppler, Zara McLeish, Eadie Oldman, U12s Tarra Martindale, Laura McNeil, U13 Imogen Webb, Ashlee Little, U15 Rebekah Eppler.

Tamworth needed and received the rain, and the athletes who competed endured the elements while doing their personal bests.

Due to bushfires our zone competitions were cancelled and all athletes went straight to regionals.

Some missed out due to Oz Tag and couldn't attend, so they all had more events and they gave it their all in each.

Hannah did an outstanding effort and received Bronze in her favoured event, Shot Put; Josephine finished with an injury; Ashlee, Zara, Xavier, Laura, Eadie, Charlie and Imogen received PBs for their efforts.

I am very proud of all our athletes as the conditions were not the best but they endured the rain and mud throughout.

Thank you to the parents who volunteered over the weekend and our outgoing zone coordinator Tanya Upsall.

We have two of our athletes going onto State in the middle of March - Tarra Martindale U12 200m and Rebekah Eppler U15 100m, 90m Hurdles and 200m Hurdles.

Tarra received Silver in her 200m and Rebekah received Gold 200m, Silver 90m Hurdles, Silver 100m so she will be representing our club in three events.