Friday's floodcam fail

Lavenders Bridge floodcam functioning properly at 2pm on Friday, after the rain had eased
Lavenders Bridge floodcam functioning properly at 2pm on Friday, after the rain had eased

Bellingen Shire Council's new floodcam network didn't exactly cover itself in glory on Friday, with three of the four cameras failing to operate properly when they were needed.

One had a dud battery and two others experienced signal problems due to the stormy weather.

The bridge connecting north and south Bellingen closed in the middle of the night after more than 250mm of rain fell in less than 24 hours, but it was open by 6am.

However, people who tried to access the "real-time image" from the flood camera on Friday morning to see if they could get across the bridge saw either a sunny day in September or a black screen.

"The lithium ion battery which allows the Lavenders Bridge camera to wirelessly send the images it captures failed, which saw the system go off-line," Council explained on its website.

Some hours later, the service provider replaced the battery and they're now looking at upgrading its capacity and supporting it with a solar panel.

The Leans Bridge camera on Darkwood Rd and the Moodys Bridge camera on the Kalang Rd also proved less robust than required.

They experienced "temporary difficulties transmitting images over the 4G Network due to signal interference caused by the severe low-pressure storm cells", Council explained. "The service provider is working on upgrading the antennas of these two cameras to boost their signal capacity."

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