Tanks could be contaminated following the bush fires

The recent rain has given welcome relief to our regional communities, but sometimes, heavy rain after bush fires can impact water quality in home water tanks.

Deputy Premier and Minister responsible for Disaster Recovery John Barilaro said following bush fires, rainwater may be contaminated by debris, dead birds or animals, fire retardants, or large amounts of ash.

"If the water looks, smells or tastes unusual you should use an alternate water supply, such as town water or bottled water, for drinking and preparing food or ice," Mr Barilaro said.

"Depending on the degree of contamination, the rainwater may still be suitable for other things like watering the garden, washing clothes or fighting fires."

Minister for Water Melinda Pavey said staying informed was vital to the safety of drinking water from home tanks in bush fire affected towns.

"It is important to try to prevent water contamination by monitoring weather forecasts and sealing your water tank to avoid the first part of runoff after rain," Mrs Pavey said.

"If people have concerns, NSW Health has detailed fact sheets about how to protect your rainwater supply after a bushfire."

Download the factsheets here:

This story Water quality alert for tanks after rain first appeared on Guardian News.