Urunga RFS milk note saga has a post-script

The "note" saga continues ...

Urunga's RFS Brigade treasurer, Craig Oates (and one of the milk thieves) has sent this to the Courier Sun:

"We recently found a note on the door to our fire station at Urunga."

He added that all is well and the "milk thieves" are OK.

"RFS life goes on and since that fire in Yarranbella the Urunga trucks and crew have been up to the fire at Nana Glen a few times," Craig said.

"We have had a couple of emergency calls in Urunga but luckily they have been only "good intent" calls with no fire. All the smoke sightings are making people nervous."

He said the brigade was very pleased to announce that it's 10-year-old truck (a CAT 7) had been retired and replaced by a brand new Isuzu fire truck two weeks ago.

The new truck has already covered some ground, heading south to assist at Kempsey and this week the crew were at Darkwood at the Andersons Creek fire.

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