Kalang logging social survey information night

Survey will measure community opinion on logging Kalang headwaters

UPDATE: Due to fires and other concerns, the working group has decided to postpone the survey information night. They hope to reschedule in December.

An information night about conducting a social survey to gauge community opinion on logging native forests in the Kalang valley originally scheduled for November 20 has been delayed.

Officially supported by the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce and the Bellingen Environment Centre, the survey will be conducted by community volunteers and overseen by reputable social research firm, Inca Consulting.

Logging in the Kalang headwaters remains a contentious issue. The recent public rallies in the forests, meetings, marches, fundraisers and anti-logging signs in many Bellingen shopfronts indicate strong public opposition.

But just how many local residents are actually opposed to native forest logging?

Regardless of the outcome of the survey, a clear understanding of local residents' opinions will provide the basis for communicating effectively to key stakeholders and decision-makers.

It is held by many politicians and those in the private sector that Australian organisations are bound by the unofficial notion of social licence; that any company, corporation or organisation is required to act in a trustworthy, credible and legitimate manner, in keeping with the values and expectations of the community in which it operates.

A survey is a great way to get involved in forest management and contribute positively to a quality outcome for our forest and community.

If you would like to be involved in the survey process, you can attend the public information night.

Results of the community-led survey, its key findings, and an official report will demonstrate public opinion and potentially elicit appropriate political action.