Kalang protest camp moves due to forest closures

The announcement by Forestry NSW that state forests from Sydney to the Queensland border will be closed from Thursday until Saturday due to the extreme fire danger has seen Friends of the Kalang Headwaters faced with a critical situation.

A spokesperson for the community action group said that with the camp in the middle of the forest half an hour from any road head for fire fighting purposes, the question of personal safety had arisen.

They contacted Forestry Corp and were told there would be no logging operations in the area of the headwaters during the closure period.

"Assurances were also given that no activity would take place in Gladstone State Forest," FOKH said.

As a result the camp will move to the Horseshoe dawn vigil site with local groups patrolling other forest entry points.

FOKH acknowledge the cooperation with Forestry Corp under these circumstances.