Hundreds march to protect Kalang River's Headwaters

It was loud, it was proud and there was no holding back ....

More than 500 residents of the Bellingen Shire and beyond took to the streets of the town today (Saturday) to protest the proposed logging of the headwaters of the Kalang River.

With drums and banners, protesters of all ages danced and chanted their way from the Market Park up the main street to gather at the old Foster's garage at the top of town (now known as People of Coffee).

There they listened to the mayor Dominic King and ecologist Mark Graham talk about the importance of protecting the country, whose diverse ecosystem contains endangered species and rich biodiversity.

It is in short, as Mark Graham explained, a place to protect because our water security depends on it.

Read the full story with video footage of the march online on Monday and in Wednesday's print edition of the Courier Sun.

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