Car flips on Wheatley St Bellingen

A woman managed to crawl out a window after her car flipped upside down on Wheatley St Bellingen at about 12.40pm today.

Amy Rosa was on her way home when she saw the accident happen right before her eyes, between the roundabout at the Providore and Jubilee Park.

"I was following quite closely behind and she went off the road straight into the embankment here and the car flipped over," Amy said.

Amy slammed her brakes on and jumped out of her car, calling Triple 000 as she ran towards the upturned vehicle.

Initially she wasn't sure which was the driver's side, but then she heard the woman calling and saw her crawling out a window.

Her airbag had deployed and she was obviously in shock but seemed otherwise unharmed, and Amy led her to sit down by the side of the road.

Amy's parents, who had been in a car behind her, stationed themselves where they could slow down approaching traffic.

"My dad and another man got her belongings out of the car for her," Amy said.

An ambulance was there when the Courier-Sun drove past about 15 minutes after the accident, and a paramedic was helping the woman onto a stretcher.

After she'd been put into the ambulance, the North Bellingen fire truck arrived and its crew took over traffic control.