Raleigh Public School students explore creative and critical thinking in Education Week

Students at Raleigh Public School celebrated Education Week earlier this month by making and presenting their creations for a project-based learning activity.

Across the whole school students use creative and critical thinking dispositions in all aspects of learning; and over the past few months, have worked in small multi-age groups from Kindergarten to Year 6, learning about problem solving and working cooperatively in their groups to develop a solution.

Students had to develop a solution to the problem: many toys are designed for one use. This means children can quickly become bored with a toy and stop playing with it.

The students demonstrated their use of a variety of dispositions and skills by being open-minded, patient, persistence and resourceful.

From planning, to producing and then presenting to our school community, the students had opportunities to work across the curriculum.

Social skills were developed working in a group and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), was a big focus in the design and make process.

Students' families were then invited to come along and see the toys presented and demonstrated, with all students sharing the public speaking roles.

This was a great way to celebrate the theme for 2019 Education Week, 'Every student, every voice.'