Bouncing to the beat - Bellingen on Saturday

Bellingen was bursting with people and music as the fifth Winter Music Festival took over the town.

Headline act Tammi Savoy and the Chris Casello Combo from the USA drew a huge crowd on Saturday evening, with people being counted in to replace those leaving.

More than 70 musical groups are playing in multiple venues over the weekend and there's just as much going on outside as there is inside, with buskers on most corners, food stalls and free performances in the park and the ecofestival LeaF running simultaneously with the music festival.

One of the standouts today was the Bread & Butter gig, where festival programmer Kate Atkinson had paired up different acts to perform together, some of whom met for the first time 15 minutes before going on stage.

Cedar Bar was jam-packed tight for this event and it didn't disappoint.

Merpire and Alana Wilkinson threw themselves into Aretha Franklin's 'You make me feel like a natural woman' and The Mumas and Bullhorn almost lifted the roof with the Donna Summer hit 'Bad Girls'.

Another highlight of Saturday was the flashmob that gathered in Maam Gaduying Park at 3pm, all dressed in red, to perform spoof songs on the theme of climate change.

With one of the performers wearing a ScoMo mask, they sang a coal-focused version of 'I touch myself' by the Divinyls (I touch my coal, I want you to burn it / I sell my soul, and never return it).

The hope for a sustainable future was covered by the 'Vegemite Song' (We're a massive sunny country / As bright as bright can be / We all enjoy our sunshine / And sustainability / Our pollies say renewables / 'impossibility'/ But it's a massive sunny country / Bloody huge sunny country / Let's put solar in every street!

Tomorrow, don't miss the street parade at 11am and the fantastic Ethno Folk Orchestra in Maam Gaduying Park at 11.45am.