Domino's trials 'Tap & Take Only' in Coffs Harbour

From today, Domino's Pizza in Coffs Harbour is trialling a 'Tap & Take only' payment model, which basically means it will not be accepting cash either in store or for home deliveries.

Coffs is one of five stores in Australia to test the new model, which aims to create "a faster and more convenient experience for customers" and also "increase team member safety".

Local franchisee Leroy Day said he's excited to be part of the trial.

"This new payment model will enable our customers to get piping hot meals faster than ever, reducing in-store queues and delivery wait times, as well as increasing safety for our team members, with zero cash kept on the premises or carried by our delivery people," Leroy said.

"We're seeing less and less customers using cash, with the majority already paying electronically. Plus there are so many payment options available nowadays from cards, to phones and smart watches, I really do think we're heading towards a future where the legal tender could be solely electronic."

Should the trial prove successful, Domino's will look to roll this model out across its network of 700+ stores.

CEO Nick Knight said the company's Tap & Take trial stores would accept payment via credit card, debit card, eftpos and mobile/apple watch in-store, and via credit card, debit card, eftpos to door, PayPal, Instagift, ApplePay and Android Pay online.

"The Domino's ethos has always been about increasing convenience for our customers - even being the first pizza company in Australia to offer home delivery all those years ago," he said.

"Just as the name suggests, customers simply need to tap their card, phone, smart watch or finger on the keyboard and take their piping hot meal as soon as it's ready - it's as simple and easy as that!" Mr Knight said.

Mr Knight said Domino's regularly trials new initiatives and adjusts its strategy based on customer feedback and results.