Woman dies after motor scooter hits road sign

A motorcyclist has died after a single vehicle crash in northern NSW overnight.

Around 10pm yesterday (Tuesday June 25), a 58-year-old woman was riding her scooter along Linden Avenue in the North Boambee Valley.

The motorcycle hit a road sign, causing the 58-year-old woman to be thrown from the bike.

Despite the efforts of emergency services on site, the woman was unable to be revived.

Far Northern Region Traffic Tactician Inspector Peter McMenamin said the cause of last night's crash was still under investigation.

"Given it hasn't rained for some time the roads will be covered in grime which will become slippery to drivers as well as bicyclists, riders and pedestrians," Inspector McMenamin said.

"Visibility is important - that means headlights on and if you are on foot or a bike of any kind - make sure you have a bright jacket or umbrella.

"Driving to the prevailing weather conditions is so important and this starts with slowing down and leaving a little more room between your vehicle and the one in front."