Bellingen meeting discusses 5G "dangers"

About 200 people attended a meeting at the Bellingen Memorial Hall on Saturday June 15 run by Stop5G Mid North Coast.

Key presenter Christina Charley said their main concern about the proposed fifth generation wireless technology was electromagnetic radiation.

"Not one study has shown that it is safe, and the telecommunications industry has never been able to assure the public that existing wireless technology is safe, yet 5G is being rolled out across Australia with urgency," she said.

"5G delivers involuntary and inescapable levels of disastrous blanket electromagnetic frequencies throughout our communities and into our homes. Our main concern is the increase in tumours and cancers that are going to occur with 5G, when the current level of frequencies are already proven to be cancerous."

However, organisations seeking to reassure the public about 5G point out that the non-ionising radiation it uses has been safely employed in mobile phones, microwaves and remote controls for years.

Although the World Health Organisation has classified all radio frequency emissions as a possible carcinogen, this category of possible carcinogens also includes red meat, pickles and aloe leaf extract.

According to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPNSA), no detrimental health effects have been established.

In a statement, ARPNSA said: "This network currently runs on radio waves similar to those used in the current 4G network, and in the future will use radio waves with higher frequencies. It is important to note that higher frequencies does not mean higher or more intense exposure."

The new technology delivers data much more rapidly and has been touted as the way self-driving cars, telemedicine and virtual reality applications will reach their full potential.

Christina Charley said the intention of the forum was to educate and empower the local community, in standing and saying a very strong NO to 5G technology.

"United communities have been successful in stopping 5G in other areas of Australia," Christina said, "and it's important the community understands that we need to take the power into our own hands at this time, when the government and regulatory agencies do not have our best interests in mind."