Letter to the editor: Why must our local papers be covered in plastic?

Plastic and more plastic

Why must our local papers be covered in plastic? Many are left outside to rot for weeks ... even months.

When finished reading, the paper is useful for kitchen waste instead of plastic bags.

It also amazes me that supermarkets still cover (or bag) many items, such as carrots, potatoes, etc.

Let us stop rubbishing our children's future planet with our selfish polluting habits.

Lorna Herman


Editor's note: The copies of the Courier-Sun that are home delivered come wrapped in biodegradable plastic to protect them from rain or heavy dew. We do urge people not to leave them outside to rot, as this breaks our heart. Please take them inside for careful perusal and cherish the fact that you have a local paper that focuses on local news. After it has been read, your local paper can be employed in a myriad of useful ways, including lining your kitchen bin. For example, see https://friendsoftheearth.uk/natural-resources/34-uses-old-newspapers