Obituary Dorothy Boatfield

Dorothy Boatfield

Dorothy Boatfield

Urunga Bowling Club members were deeply saddened to learn of the death on Friday May 31 of Club Life Member Dorothy Boatfield after a long illness.

At the time the Urunga Women's Bowling Club was established in 1954 the ladies were required to wear white stockings as part of their uniform and much to the mirth of Urunga townsfolk and the fury of the lady bowlers they were known around town as the 'White Leghorns'.

When Dorothy became a member of our club in 1991, much to her relief she didn't have to be a 'White Leghorn' but her skirt had to be lifted to a daring 14 inches - not 13.5 nor 14.5 - strictly 14 inches, and it was measured by the secretary before we could go out on the green!

Gradually these uniform restrictions were eased and it was while Dorothy was serving her first term as President that the radical move was made to approve the wearing of a lemon-coloured shirt though several members were not happy about it.

Today our bowlers wear gaily coloured, comfortable casual leisure gear and it is a pleasure to see our greens so bright - like a flock of brilliant budgerigars.

Dorothy served the Urunga Bowling Club and its Women's Bowling Club faithfully over the years, firstly as a Vice-President from 1996 to 1998 when her love of social occasions came to the fore helping to organise our annual Christmas parties and the stellar entertainment from our talented members.

Then from 1999 to 2002 she took on the role of President for one term, when her administrative skills came to the fore. She served a second term with distinction from 2008 to 2010.

During her time as President Dorothy made an effort to encourage the more mature bowlers who could no longer manage a full game to still come to bowls and play half games. This was well received and a very popular move.

It was one of Dorothy's proudest moments when, at the annual meeting in 2018, she was made a Life Member of the Urunga Bowling Club in recognition of her service to the Board of Directors over a period of 10 years and to the club in general.

She was a keen and competent bowler and a member of winning championship fours teams on three occasions - 1995, 2003 and 2009. Dorothy was very proud of her elevation to the status of 'Major'. And perhaps the biggest thrill was to be a member of the successful 1994 and 1995 Grade 5 Pennants sides.

Even though her health was failing her bowling friends looked forward to her coming along to the club on women's bowling days for as long as possible. She was always keen to know how the girls enjoyed their bowls and who won and lost important matches.

Dorothy's interest in women's bowls never wavered and her mates know that there's a bowling green in Heaven just waiting for her to send her bowl up the green to sit on the jack. Dorothy's presence around the greens will be sorely missed.

Dorothy was farewelled last Friday at Urunga's Uniting Church.