Queen of cuisine at Bellingen Show, Linda Hillman

Linda Hillman, the driving force behind the show's catering, and her trusty sidekick Irene Chesterman

Linda Hillman, the driving force behind the show's catering, and her trusty sidekick Irene Chesterman

A day at the Bellingen Show can make you hungry, but not to worry, if you begin to feel those pangs there will be plenty of opportunities to refuel.

And there's no place better than in the main Luncheon Pavilion where Linda Hillman and her dedicated team will provide morning and afternoon Devonshire Tea. Scones served with whipped cream and strawberry jam and dusted with icing sugar, together with a selection of homemade cakes and slices and a bottomless cup of coffee or tea. Delicious, and only $6 per serve.

Linda's team will also be offering a scrumptious sit-down lunch. There'sf Linda's famous Meat Loaf, served with mashed potatoes, gravy, peas and carrots, or her vegetarian option of Frittata and choice of potato or mixed salad, plus a bottomless cup of coffee or tea; only $12. The dessert of choice will be sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce or mixed fruit salad; also $6. Traditional comfort food and just the thing to sustain a day at the show

Linda and most of her 35-strong volunteer team has been working together serving up this fare to the delight of show patrons since 2007.

In all, they will bake over 750 scones and 30 or so meat loaves as well as the other food choices They will serve over 200 meals during the show weekend. Linda says it's a hectic time, as is the lead up to the show, but it's something they all enjoy, and the skilled teamwork of the group helps things run smoothly.

Linda also pointed out that there's a lot of work beside the cooking and serving. Tables and chairs have to be set up, crockery and cutlery must be cleaned and set out, large cooking saucepans, boilers and other necessary equipment, which they beg and borrow, brought in to complete the kitchen and food preparation area. Thank heavens for the volunteers.

So, if you're feeling hungry head to Chez Linda's in the Luncheon Pavilion. You won't be disappointed.