Jane Northway's 60th birthday

By royal command a very mad tea party was held at Bellingen Showground's luncheon pavilion on Saturday night with no other porpoise than to eat, drink, dance and celebrate the 60th birthday of Jane Northway.

Dressed as the Queen of Hearts and accompanied by her consort, the multi-medalled King of Hearts, the imperious Jane made frequent reference to cutting off the heads of those who displeased her, but fortunately refrained from doing so.

There were Mad Hatters aplenty at the party, a brace of White Rabbits, a Minnie Mouse who thought she might pass for Alice and a few Cheshire Cats, including one who came along only as The Grin.

The partygoers dared to eat all manner of things, including tarts and little cakes labelled 'Eat me', and they drank all their drinks from tea cups, but whether every one of them contained tea is anybody's guess.