Groovers Warts and All tour resumes at Federal Hotel

The Groovers have been welcomed back to play at the Feddo on Friday April 26 following the all clear from their skin Doctor - Rasheed Kankar. Their Warts and All tour took a turn for the worse at their first gig when they all contracted a rare disorder after accidently getting locked in the waste disposal lockup of the Taronga Zoo by perennial hanger-on Col de Sac.

Col told them he knew a shortcut to the stage. When the band didn't make it onto the stage the punters rioted and released several Komodo Dragons and an otter. Pandemonium ensued and the zoo was shut for a week. The band survived on half-sucked fish heads and drain water.

In other news, Billy's Celebrity toilet brush collection was stolen from his lockup last week. Police have refused to investigate and the NRMA theft policy apparently doesn't cover used dunny brushes. He looks like having to start again, so if you know any celebrities of any sort, can you ask if they will sell theirs to him.

Tony's weight loss clinic for lawyers "ipso fatso" has gone into liquidation following the findings of the Royal Commission into Legal Obesity. No one turned up.

So, if you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, worried about the new tip fees or just bored stupid, why not come down to the Feddo and throw a few chips and insults at the band whilst they flail pointlessly at their instruments and try to entertain you. Who knows? You may meet that special person and become embroiled in an international diplomatic incident.