Letter: Totally confused

The jubilant crowd outside council chambers after the Climate Emergency Declaration was passed
The jubilant crowd outside council chambers after the Climate Emergency Declaration was passed

Is it old age or am I just going bonkers (some would say bonkers), but I am confused. Firstly a climate change emergency declaration by our council, yet on the front page of the Courier Sun (April 3) all those good folk laughing and waving their arms about, unconstrained joy, and this silly old bugger thinking an emergency should be serious stuff.

During the latter part of the 20th century, seventies, eighties and nineties the question was often put: what is the definition of confusion. So often the answer would be Father's Day in Bellingen.

But on a more serious note, our masters in Canberra are telling us to avoid stagnation and to stimulate the economy. We must grow the cake. Lash out, purchase more, consume more, waste more. But then to confuse, we are told be frugal and save to help our ever-increasing national debt. Our average personal debt separate from the government national debt is claimed to be the second highest on the planet. We are living on credit. My ever shrinking little brain keeps asking me, how can we eat it and yet at the same time save it.

Throw away week for kerbside council pick-up proves that most are opting for consumption. I must stay out of town on those days before my farm starts to look like a Harvey Norman franchise.

Coming from very much working class and losing our father at an early age left Mum with four kids and little support. Like so many in those days, she was an amazing woman who always drummed it in: work hard and save for that rainy day. That rainy day is yet to arrive, and those who took that advice and worked hard and saved to be proudly self-reliant in their latter years feel conned as their hard-earned piggy banks are raided to prop up a newborn selfish, indulgent society. The system has changed: aspiration, incentive, taking a punt, and working hard to achieve a higher goal has created this great country, the envy of the world, which is now being eroded in the name of equality. Regardless of how you got it, you must share it with me.

It's a great feeling to look back over one's shoulder and experience after all that work and doing without, that marvelous sense of achievement.

Remove those goal posts and you remove all motivation and incentive to move forward.

Darcey Browning