Urunga CWA news April

Beth Kennedy, Margaret Grice-Little, Annette Rieper, Wendy Bennetts.
Beth Kennedy, Margaret Grice-Little, Annette Rieper, Wendy Bennetts.

The April 12 meeting was quite hectic with many items to discuss.

First up was the good news that the period 1941-1947 break during World War II is not recorded as a break. Hence the branch started in 1920 and will celebrate its 90th birthday in January. Venues are still being sought for a luncheon. Start trying to find period dresses, finery and other items to decorate the venue.

This month the previous minutes were included in the newsletter and it was emailed, as a trial. Some copies were printed for those without email. Copies without minutes were distributed to the Library and Neighbourhood Centre. Anyone wishing to receive an emailed copy, please leave your email address at the CWA Rooms (post into front door slot). From my perspective it was quicker and cheaper, however, full evaluation next meeting after another trial.

Secretary Annette was able to procure from Sydney a copy of the early records from 1920 until digitalisation in 2004. We gained a lot of history that was not available in Urunga due to changes and the 2009 flood that went through the bottom cupboards where files were kept. A lot was salvaged and dried out, but a lot was also lost.

We have now had two very successful market days this month. Both days have been chased by heavy downpours, but it didn't beat the "Chics". Everything was quietly packed up and monies counted. Between the two markets approximately $700 was raised. Raffle money will be sent to CWA Medical Research into Endometriosis - $170. There is also enough now for two blinds!

Next meeting May 10.