Federal election 2019: Here's how you enrol to vote

You must be enrolled to vote by 8pm, local time, on April 18. Photo: Shutterstock
You must be enrolled to vote by 8pm, local time, on April 18. Photo: Shutterstock

You're on the electoral roll, aren't you?

If you've had your 18th birthday or become an Australian citizen since July 2016, then welcome to the world of democracy: you're eligible to vote.

July 2016 was when the nation last went to the polls for a federal election and voting is compulsory.

And if you're on the electoral roll and fail to vote in the federal election on May 18, a fine could be headed your way.

You have just days to get yourself organised.

You must be enrolled by 8pm local time on Thursday, April 18. 

I need to enrol - now!

Get enrolled online. The Australian Electoral Commission's site is your guiding light.

Get your ID organised. You'll need a driver's licence, passport or citizenship certificate. If you don't have those things, then you get someone who's already on the roll to vouch for you.

If you'd rather fill out hard copy forms, the AEC's website lets you download PDFs and post them away.

Also if filling out the forms online doesn't work for you then head to a post office - they can help.

What about updating or checking my details?

You can make sure your details are right, and/or update them on the AEC website if they're not.

If you're not sure what address you have on the electoral roll, you can check here.

But I won't be in the country ...

Not an excuse. If you're eligible, you must vote.

If you're going to be out of the country, check out your voting and enrolment option, right here.

Remember, your details must be correct by Thursday, April 18.