The Ninth Chapter release self-titled album

Born in Bellingen more than a decade ago, The Ninth Chapter have just released their self-titled debut album and a new single called 'My Own Time'.

The band will perform at Federal Hotel in Bellingen on Saturday May 4.

Layering elements of funk, blues and folk, the Australian six-piece revel in exciting songwriting that takes listeners on a diverse musical journey. With over a decade of touring and three EPs to their name, they are renown for pairing heavy groove with thumping horns, but on record the group sculpt a vast landscape of sounds, moods and tempos - a definitive representation of where The Ninth Chapter's musical evolution has taken them.

Led by Jaz Munro's bluesy vocals and slinky guitar, the album is a showcase of The Ninth Chapter's dynamic sound: the driving rhythm section of bassist Daniel Bowland and drummer Zac Page, the expansive percussion of Glen McClymont, and the richly layered horn section of Dillon Carlsson and Tom Hilliar.

Nw single 'My Own Time' is the band in total cruise control - one arm out the window and enjoying the ride. Smooth and summery, it is a song that celebrates travelling at your own pace - an ethos very much at the band's core. With its members scattered across Australia's beautiful north east coast, The Ninth Chapter perfectly encapsulate the laid-back lifestyle of Australian beach culture.

With the band proudly committing to a non-digital recording process with Geoff Wright at Lucky Boy Analogue studios in Byron Bay, The Ninth Chapter presents the group in all their glory - from the broad spectrum of genres they span, to their irrepressible live energy. It is a true reflection of their journey thus far. But beyond all else, The Ninth Chapter is a band about mateship... the kind of brotherhood that feeds creativity - both collectively and for the individuals within it. This more than anything provides the chemistry that makes the band's debut album so true to their hearts.