​NSW Greens launch plan for 1 million households to have solar in four years

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The NSW Greens have today launched a $1.25 billion comprehensive plan to ensure at least one million extra households in NSW can either install solar panels or be part of community renewable energy schemes within four years. 

It comes after Labor announced plans to halve the cost of roof-top solar via a rebate, if elected.

Greens MP and environment spokesperson Cate Faehrmann said in a press release the plan will combat the impacts of climate change on the environment.

“We are seeing the devastating impacts of climate change now. That’s why we need more ambition for household solar,” she said. 

“The Greens household solar plan will make it mandatory for all new dwellings to either have solar power and batteries or pay into a community renewable energy offset scheme.”

“Our plan will also provide a $2000 rebate for rooftop solar and batteries for up to 500,000 households and build solar panels on all public housing,” Ms Faehrmann said.

Greens energy spokesperson Sue Higginson said the plan will also apply to renters.

“The Greens $1.25 billion plan ensures that households which have been locked out of solar power, such as apartment dwellers and renters, can support renewables and save on their electricity bills through a community solar offset scheme,” she said. 

“We want to ensure 1 million households in NSW can either install solar panels on their home, or be part of a community solar offset scheme, within the next four years and be paid a fair price for the power they produce.”

The Greens Roadmap to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 and involves:

  • Mandatory solar plus batteries for all new dwellings - 350,000 in four years
  • $2000 rebate for rooftop solar and batteries for 500,000 households
  • Solar panels on all public housing and government buildings - 110,000 public housing tenants receive electricity rebates
  • A community solar offset scheme for apartment owners and renters - 200,000 participants in four years
  • A Fair Price for Solar - mandatory extra 4.4c/kW for avoided health and social costs

The NSW state government has responded by warning that  the push could result in unsafe batteries being installed in homes and a less stable energy grid.