Letter: Rob Oakeshott can deliver for Cowper

Rob Oakeshott. Photo James Brickwood

Rob Oakeshott. Photo James Brickwood

I welcome Rob Oakeshott’s decision to run in the May election.  We need better representation at federal level. When he was MP for Lyne, Rob successfully negotiated billions of dollars for our area.

His achievements included $96 million for Port Macquarie Hospital, $7 million for a GP Super Clinic and $800,000 towards the Dementia Day Care Centre.

He gained $20 million for a new university, extra funding for local jobs, and $2.8 million for Port Macquarie Sports Stadium.  He got funding for the Port Macquarie and Kempsey airport upgrades.

It was Rob Oakeshott who got the $1 billion for the Pacific Highway upgrade, $600 million for the Kempsey By-Pass, and $35 million for the Kempsey to Port Macquarie upgrade, projects now successfully completed.

He was also part of the process that produced the best climate change laws in the world at that time.  One outcome of this was lifting the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200, meaning that a million extra Australians no longer pay income tax.

The COALition government still has no policy on climate change, when we have just sweated through the hottest January ever and rainfall and floods at Townsville have broken all records.  But we do have higher electricity prices and more pollution.

Donald Horne said in his book The Lucky Country, published 1964, that Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second-rate men.  Nothing has changed. But it can change with more independents with integrity.

Rob Oakeshott has the integrity, and an impressive track record to prove he can deliver for Cowper.

Harry Creamer, Climate Change Australia

Port Macquarie