Old Police Stables launches as community art and meeting centre

Julie Hutchinson and Maureen Eley-Round, project managers of the Stables upgrade

Julie Hutchinson and Maureen Eley-Round, project managers of the Stables upgrade

If there was an Olympic games for creative competitions, ‘Fun and Games at the Stables’ would be the bite-sized model.  And you don't have to qualify to play.

On Sunday February 24 the games will begin at 10am in the Telstra carpark beside The Stables, at 6A Church St, Bellingen.

At noon there will be a short ceremony to open the new community and arts building before the fun and games resume. Prizes will be awarded at 2pm.

The comical theatre sports coached by Rob Simpson is called ‘Thank God You're Here’. Will the adult performers be able to suppress their own giggles as they hear the audience laughing at their improvisations to surprising circumstances? Watch and see.

You may also enjoy  ‘Musical Easels’, a progressive painting challenge for all ages that takes off when the bell is rung by line referee Hilary Cadman.

Also try your hand at competitive three-dimensional art in ‘Masta Sculpture’. All ages will build masterpieces from supplied materials with encouragement from timekeepers Grace and Wilani from Bellingen Eye.

If you feel like exercising quick thinking, a recycling challenge adjudicated by members of the BSLA is for you.

Other top secret games have been planned but will be only be revealed on the day so that everyone has an equal advantage. The only regulation for the entire event is that young people under the age of 18 be accompanied by a responsible adult

Slam prize winning poet Jason John from Ecofaith will be in fine form as both event MC and presenter of spontaneous poetry.  Additionally, local musicians will provide entertainments throughout the day, but chairs might be all in use so if you want to rest please bring your own.  

If hunger or thirst strikes, and you have packed your own picnic, there is a pleasant retreat in the shady Bellingen River Park directly below The Stables.  Coffee and lunch will be available for purchase on site, or pop out to a nearby cafe or pub.

The building is wheelchair-accessible so everyone can come inside and learn about its 100-year history and its transformation led by community volunteers.

Bellingen Shire Council has helped bring you this event with a Placemaking Grant.

Volunteers Evelyn Krosby, Julie Hutchinson and Rob Simpson

Volunteers Evelyn Krosby, Julie Hutchinson and Rob Simpson