OzGREEN founder Sue Lennox steps down

Sue Lennox and Anton Juodvalkis. Photo Bruce Jacups.
Sue Lennox and Anton Juodvalkis. Photo Bruce Jacups.

After more than 25 years at the helm, Sue Lennox is stepping down as CEO of OzGREEN. Anton Juodvalkis has accepted the role as the organisation’s new CEO.

OzGREEN is a highly successful and world renowned non-government organisation based in Bellingen.

It operates nationally and internationally to incorporate citizen science, transformative sustainability education, participatory leadership and community development: all centred on enabling community-driven sustainability solutions.

It has been involved in delivering key Australian citizen science programmes, targeting issues like the Murray-Darling, Great Eastern Ranges connectivity and the Bellinger River Turtle near-extinction event. OzGREEN programmes are designed to engage  communities in understanding their local environment, empower them to participate in habitat restoration and promote sustainable activities.


Under the leadership of Sue Lennox, co-founder and previous CEO, OzGREEN has worked with over 1,600 communities globally and trained 50,000 environmental leaders and has achieved significant national and international recognition.  This includes the Buckminster-Fuller Catalyst Program which recognized OzGREEN as being in the top 10 per cent of social innovators in the world, the Eureka Prize, which is Australia’s most comprehensive national science award, a Banksia Award for citizen science, a UN Media Peace Award and the UNESCO Wenhui Award.

New CEO Anton Juodvalkis has a broad ranging skillset, including corporate governance, risk management, project management, IT, change management, accounting, procurement, asset management and engineering. He is passionate about environmental issues and empowering youth.

Sue will remain a member of the board of OzGREEN and will continue to be actively involved the organisation.

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