Bras in Dorrigo for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It’s been 10 years since Lyn King’s best friend passed away from breast cancer.

To mark that anniversary, Lyn has orchestrated a campaign to decorate Dorrigo with pre-loved bras for the whole of October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

On Monday morning when the Courier-Sun visited, there were  brassieres of all colours, styles and stretchiness fluttering in the breeze on both sides of Hickory St.

“I got permission from all the shops to put them up, and every afternoon a group of us go around on a bra-maintenance check, to make sure all the lines are nice,” Lyn said.

At last count she had about 360 bras, some donated by their original owners and others sourced from op shops.

“The whole town is going to be done by this afternoon,” Lyn said. “Did you see the sign coming up the hill?”

Warning sign on the outskirts of Dorrigo

Warning sign on the outskirts of Dorrigo

Lyn has raised money for breast cancer research on a smaller scale before, but this year she wanted to do something special in memory of her friend.

Another goal was to liven up Dorrigo – to give it a lift, so to speak – but Lyn hadn’t expected her idea would be embraced so wholeheartedly by the business community.

“I really didn’t think it would be as big as it’s got,” she said. “I just thought a few would decorate and it would be fun. But everybody’s got behind it and they’re right into it.”

All the shops involved, including Components Cafe managed by Lyn, have Pink Ribbon donation buckets prominently displayed on their counters.

Lyn King, manager of Components Cafe

Lyn King, manager of Components Cafe

The grand finale for the month will be on Sunday October 28 at 1.30pm, between Components Cafe and the Spar supermarket.

There will be auctions and raffles and ladies have been asked to decorate their bras and bring them along for a special competition.

However, it won’t necessarily be the lady owners showcasing the creative designs.

“We’ve organised our own models,” Lyn said. “Some of the men in the town will be demonstrating them.”