Bellingen Fine Music Festival 2018

Bellingen’s weekend of fine music with an innovative edge sparkled with eclectic treats, embracing renowned classical musicians, talented youth, community choirs, boutique opera and top-class jazz.

Blush Opera was at the festival for the first time, with a spring-themed collection of arias plus an operatic fable about a Spidermaiden who ensnares an adventuresome Plum Blossom and promises to set her free if she can solve a musical riddle.

The Sandy Evans trio was another new addition, and a member of the audience made a point of congratulating the festival’s organising committee for recognising the fine musicianship involved in jazz improvisation. 

The audience also roared their approval when Bellingen’s jazz legend Brett Iggulden and his trumpet joined the trio on stage, after Sandy told the story of meeting him and becoming friends many years ago when he was touring with The Red Onions Jazz band.

Call for new committee

After six years of hard work, the BFMF committee would like to pass the reins of their well-oiled machine to a fresh set of volunteer organisers. Their plan is to work alongside the new group to stage next year's festival before stepping down in 2020. If you are interested, please contact John Conway on 0427 665 000.

Enjoy the gallery of photos above and check out our website for more Facebook Live videos, including performances from the Bellingen Youth Orchestra and community choirs Sohum and the Bromantics.