Letter: When will it end?

Open letter because I never receive a response to mail sent to council.

Just wondering how long the pavement works will be taking? As far as we as business owners knew the works was completed and we could expect trade to resume as normal … but now we are faced with pavement works! The work men have been doing the ‘polishing’ for more than four days on the south side corner of Hyde and Ford streets.

I’d like to know exactly how long they will be continuing and when they will be ‘polishing' the north side.

The impacts of all the works is really affecting our businesses, as I said a few weeks ago, although never I received a response. It would seem mutually beneficial to communicate with us.

I am sure you are not wanting to destroy our businesses but it feels that you are definitely not listening to our pleas to cease or at least give us some breathing space to trade without impact!

Jenny Hanson also speaking for 

Nino Birch - Eco Hemp Shop

Denis Lane - Book Nook

Gerar Toye - Global Gypsy

Response from council 

In response to your email, it is understood that Council's Project Manager of these works has spoken to you  in relation to the works presently being carried out on the southern side of Hyde Street, Bellingen.

It is anticipated that these works will be completed in approximately 4 weeks, weather permitting.

Thank you for raising your concerns with Council.  Council is appreciative for the  patience and understanding of business owners and the community during these beautification works.

Follow-up inquiry 

I spoke to the workers yesterday and I assume it was the project manager who said I should speak with you and that they still had the north side to do.

I am asking you to provide an accurate timeframe and days of continued works please.

We would appreciate a guide of how long each side will take and when each one will be done … how long and when each pavement will be blocked. We can then maybe plan around this.

We ran out of patience for the works a few weeks ago.

There will be nothing beautiful about a town whose businesses are struggling or pushed to close.

We thought the works this end of town were complete.  We again hadn’t heard from you about ongoing works and again you are reactive rather than being proactive..

I also believe the Church Op Shop is only open Thursday and Friday and note that the guys were polishing pavements Thursday and Friday right outside the shop gate. I saw people climbing the wall to get there. I do feel that if you were to communicate with them, you may have been able to do works in that particular spot when they were shut.

This kind of thing could be avoided so easily with a human, community spirit.

Thank you for your response.

Jenny, Nino,  Denis, Gerar