Students get hands dirty in Bellingen Public School garden

Bellingen Public School offers instruction and supervision for students in the school’s vegetable patch as a weekly lunch time activity.

The young gardeners have designed a pond system to take advantage of the storm water collected on the building nearest the garden. 

Enthusiastic gardeners planting strawberries for summer.

Enthusiastic gardeners planting strawberries for summer.

In order to fund the pump, water plants and further landscaping, they are running a stall at the Bellingen Plant Fair.

This stall will reflect their care of the environment with all pots, bags and equipment coming from reused sources (the exception being some of the raffle prizes).

The students have been potting-up seedlings, succulents and cuttings for months in preparation for the Spring Plant Fair.

They have some innovative sale items, including composting worms, compost starter kits (a bag of autumn leaves, a bag of manure, a bag of sawdust, a jar of molasses and a pot of coffee grounds) with laminated instructions, worm juice, seaweed tea and produce.

Succulents, ready to go!

Succulents, ready to go!

They will be available with wheelbarrows to take items to your car and will be at the stall to share knowledge and learn from gardeners from around the community.

No item at the stall is more than $10, so come along for real bargains at the Bellingen Public School Stall and help the ‘Frog Bog’ pond take shape.

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