Chef Danny brings a taste of Byron to Raleigh Public School

By Janae Taylor and India Cowley, Year 6 students at Raleigh Public School

Chef Daniele Trimarchi, or Chef Danny as we affectionately call him, brought the taste of Byron to Raleigh Public School with his amazing cooking skills.

He is currently the executive chef in a high end catering company called EatDrink catering in Byron Bay. Raleigh Public were able to participate in the making of a delicious avocado chocolate mousse and despite the fact that Raleigh is a small school, we made lots of mousse and had lots of fun.

It appears that most of the children loved consuming the food but also thoroughly enjoyed making the magnificent treat.

At the beginning of the activity, Chef Danny chose an individual student to be his Chef assistant and I (India), was given this opportunity.

Chef Danny and Chef India.

Chef Danny and Chef India.

Many people believe that chocolate mousse is generally unhealthy, but the mousse that we produced was really quite healthy and one-of-a-kind.

It was made of organic cacao powder, puréed avocado, picked fresh from the tree and succulent pitted dates puréed into a creamy paste with a touch of honey. It was a raw based chocolate mousse – no waiting time needed to set, bake or chill, before we could taste it.

Each student served their own, by piping the creamy, sweet substance into a cup, with the help of Chef Danny and his assistance Chef India, to guide them, before adding fresh blueberries and shaved coconut to serve. Almost right away, the student gobbled up the creamy avocado mousse and to no surprise, they all enjoyed it thoroughly. 

Leroy and Chef Danny.

Leroy and Chef Danny.

Being able to be his chef assistant was an amazing experience, as I have a passion for cooking as well. It was exciting to stand next to a qualified chef who travels around the world, sharing his extraordinary cuisine.

After I helped to create the mousse and assist everyone to serve it in their cups, I tried our masterpiece. It was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. It was rich and creamy with a savoury but sweet taste to the tongue.

It appears that everyone at Raleigh Public School had an enjoyable time with Chef Danny and they hope that the will come back and visit soon.

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