Speed date a Bello business

 Thea O’Connor from the Bellingen Co-Working Network
Thea O’Connor from the Bellingen Co-Working Network

Have you ever wondered what speed dating is like, but have felt too shy or embarrassed to try?  Well here is your opportunity – but this time it involves putting your business forward to meet prospective ‘friends’, ‘dates’, or even ‘partners’.

On Thursday September 20 the Bellingen Co-Working Network, in conjunction with the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce, is hosting a Small Biz Speed Dating event at Cedar Bar, 5 – 7 pm.

“It is a fun event designed to introduce and connect different sectors of the Bellingen small business community,” says Thea O’Connor, co-founder of the Bellingen Co-Working Network.  

“We have a wonderfully rich talent pool in the valley, but some elements are quite unknown to each other, and we can all benefit from facilitated 'introductions'.  It’s also about being open to considering what might happen if two professionals or businesses combined their talents and worked together to create a new service or product, that neither could do on their own.”

So how will it work?  In pairs, each person will have a minute to briefly describe their business and the benefit it delivers, then another minute to answer a surprise question posed by the MCs, before rotating to the next person.   At the end, we will see how many perfect, or imperfect matches there are – where a pair independently nominates each other to meet again. 

Any 'perfect matches'  will wln a $20 voucher from a local cafe, so that they can meet up over a coffee.

 Irrespective of how you fare on the ‘dating’ scene you will walk away having had some fun, connected with our local talent, and with more people knowing who you are and what you have to offer.

Numbers are limited and bookings are essential.  They can be made here on EventBrite.

For enquiries contact hilary@cadmanediting.com or enquiries@thea.com.au

The Bellingen Co-working Network is an open group of sole traders, freelancers and small business owners interested in what can be sparked when we collaborate. You can sign up for email alerts at the Bellingen Co-working Facebook page.  

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