LED upgrade for Bellingen Shire street lights

One of the new LED street lights being installed in Armidale
One of the new LED street lights being installed in Armidale

Energy efficient local road street lighting is coming to Bellingen Shire.

A decision at council’s August meeting has paved the way for a bulk upgrade of about 670 street lights to LED technology.

A longer lifespan and lower operating costs will see council’s initial investment of $234,000 repaid in three years via annual savings of about $76,000.

Essential Energy will conduct the changeover between September and October as part of their four-yearly Bulk Lamp Replacement Program for streetlights.

As well as the economic benefits, the new lighting offers environmental and social benefits too.

Annual energy savings of about 25 per cent will reduce the shire’s carbon emissions by 64,000kg CO2-e a year, which is similar to removing 14 cars from our roads or planting 1600 trees.

LEDs provide whiter light with better colour rendering, making it easier for drivers to identify road hazards.

They can also place the light where it is most needed and reduce light going in unwanted directions, such as into residences through windows or upwards into the night sky.

Some of the shire’s lighting will not be included in the upgrade – those with a residual capital value in excess of $1000, decorative lighting and category V lighting for main roads which is not yet offered by Essential Energy. 

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