Bellingen Valley Dorrigo Women’s League Tag eliminated

In an exciting and controversial game the Bellingen Valley Dorrigo Women’s League Tag team have been eliminated from the race to the grand final.

The team travelled to Coramba on Saturday to play Sawtell in the minor semi-final, and for the first ten minutes the defence held as they were under constant pressure. Finally getting some possession close to the goal line, Marion Campbell split the defence to score adjacent to the posts.  Sarah Beaumont converted and the Magpies led 6-0.

Soon after the restart of play, Sophie Keough picked up a loose ball and scooted away for an 80 metre run to score and take the Magpies out to 10-0.  A little later the Magpies made a lot of ground when Sarah Beaumont was put into a gap after some slick passing. Abbey Osland then split the defence to score and the Magpies were up 14-0.

Sawtell scored right on the half-time bell to close the gap to 14-4 but after a near flawless half of league tag the Magpies went into the break leading.

Early in the second half Tina McRae was unlucky not to score a long range try when she was run down and tagged ten metres from the line.  From this point on all the players could do was defend as they were on the end of a long string of penalties. Sawtell scored and converted to close the gap to 14-10 half-way through the game.  Then right on the full time bell they were again awarded a try even though a touch judge could be heard saying forward, forward and this put the game into extra time. Once again the penalties continued and the Magpies could not keep repelling the Panthers and they scored to take the game 18-14.