Letter: NBN fixed wireless on Sunset Ridge

Local NBN manager Ian Scott

Local NBN manager Ian Scott

I congratulate council on continuing to advocate for equitable and fit for purpose internet for Bellingen through the NBN.  I was disappointed by the comments from the Councillors Steve Klipin, Dominic King and Steve Jenkins.  It is not difficult to understand that Bellingen should have the same service for the whole town, and that a service that properly supports business, education, and leisure is needed.  Please listen to your residents.  I fully agree with Cr Fenton, Council should not stop advocating for a full NBN Fibre service.

Single examples as given at the Council meeting of internet service are not very helpful.  Mr Scott’s second-hand examples are particularly unhelpful.  Does Mr Scott’s friend have direct line of sight to the tower? I believe North Bellingen Medical Centre does.  Can Mr Scott provide actual figures on the service received by residents in Sunset Ridge at peak times and during weather events so we can see that NBN are meeting their obligations for service delivery?

We recently purchased a home in Sunset Ridge and were forced to connect to Wireless NBN.  Our connection is worse than our previous ADSL and regularly the box indicates no or very low connection at peak times, including today.  We have three students in our home, two high school students for whom all their homework and assessments rely on access to web resources, and a distance education University student.  Our service does not adequately fit what we require.  I do not wish this on anyone else in Bellingen.

I would like to see Bellingen Shire Council continue to ask hard questions about why there is a digital divide.  I would also like the council to assist residents to provide accurate data on the speed of connection at various times so that Councillors have real information to go to government with rather than single and in Mr Scott’s case second hand examples.

Andrew Hart